the who and the why

the two most important questions when it comes to this blog:

who in the world am i?
why in the world am i filling cyberspace with my expression?


for starters, i am the same as you. one voice in a global community.
i am passionate about a few things. & very opinionated about many more.
i think a glass of wine with friends is a perfect way to end the day.
i think that true and deep laughter pretty much sums up humanity’s greatest purpose.
i think that, without adventure, the heart dies.
i believe that to be unaware of the world in which you live is to live among the dead.
it is my opinion that a summer bbq is the kiss of god on the earth.
i agree with Coco Chanel that, “a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”
and i believe that the happiest girls make the prettiest girls.


now, for the second great question; why in the world am i blogging?
because i believe that every person has an expression.
and that their heart’s expression must be set free.
and that, if freely released in the earth, it would join with the expression of humanity all around them, creating a symphonic blend of goodness and love that could set entire nations free.
sounds outlandish and dramatic. but it’s true. i really believe that.

and also, just because i can. and because i love writing, and taking pictures, and creating poetry, and this seems like as good a platform as any to throw them out there to the world around me.

but, most importantly, who i am and why i am blogging can be most simply put this way:
i am absolutely convinced, with a conviction that cannot be subverted, of the beauty of life, and of the world in which i live.

and so i’m setting out to leave a memoir of my everyday life.
it may be a different ‘rose’ each day, but as i stop and smell the roses, i will chronicle my journey here.

because i refuse to focus on what is seemingly not beautiful or good.
i am purposed, rather, to journey with the god of goodness and let the beauty of the creator’s masterpiece intoxicate me with joy.


6 thoughts on “the who and the why”

  1. you are amazing. You have the gift of inspiration and the ability to express it in such a beautiful and meaningful way. in love with this blog.

  2. Love this. Yeesh, most def gonna be following you. I just can’t get over how well you write.

  3. you guys rock my world, thanks for the support!

  4. I love your blog, I am following you now. :)

  5. vicki strickland said:

    You, and all you said here, are breathtaking and stunning. Love it. Love you!

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