Just a simple poem I wrote up last night while waiting for a friend at a restaurant. sharing here so I’ve got a record if it.

Rough cut, no edits:

Hung out to dry,
I let out a sigh filled with sorrow and pain at the way you said goodbye
to me.
It took being blinded to finally see.
With rocks in my chest,
I tried my best
to force these feet of stone to move –
But I’ve waded through too much mud in the patience of my love
and it’s caked on so thick
I think I’ll trip when I finally run away from you.
But that view’ll be the best thing I can do for for the wounded warriors in my bones,
The ones that know,
This whole thing with you wasn’t really you, it was me.
My poor knees,
they’re gonna bruise and bleed in the wake of my pleading for mercy.
Lord knows we’re our own worst critics.