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April 21st. Saturday. 5pm.
The sun breaks through the clouds and throws it’s filtered light into the valley to my right. Trees are scattered across the ridge I am following, but the hills below are littered only with small shrubs and tall grass. I make my way west, following the sun as it moves across the sky.

As I climb higher and higher, completley out of the valley now, I follow the route that’s been carved out for me through stone and snow, and blaze my trail across the mountain pass. Golden light falls across the ancient momunments that surround me on every side, and their large shadows are cast across the highway. Stealing a glance up through my open sunroof I catch my breath. The larger-than-life peak of the mountain is literally right there, and I wish I were a passenger so I could reach out my hand and skim the rocky surface laying just beyond my reach.

I can’t imagine being any closer to this steeple of stone and I think about the way something so massive can make me feel both finite and empowered in the same breath. And in each case, always making me feel connected.

What an honor it is to share this gorgeous planet with brothers made not of flesh and bone, but of leaves and water and stone.


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