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Monday. April 16th. 5pm
I swivel my chair to the right and stare out of the floor-to-ceiling windows that bank this side of my office. Wow. What a day. My co-worker has just left, and boy did we experience one intensely productive day together.

Turning back to my laptop, I tie up some loose ends and put it away. My bag slides into the familiar spot over my shoulder and I reach for the apple, celery stick, and two carrots I never got to today. I chug what’s left of my water and flip the light off on my way out of the office. Sliding into my car, I reach immediately for the radio and turn it up as loud as I can handle it. I’m fortunate enough that a great song was already playing and waiting for me, because who likes to crank the radio just to have another annoying commercial for a Honda dealership blaring out your eardrums? I mean, seriously. And of course, knowing that you’ve got to keep your priorities straight, I make sure my sunroof is wide open before putting on my seatbelt or anything else.

Now hear me out: I like to think of myself as a general appreciator of music, with fairly broad interests in terms of genre. I will probably find something I like in just about anything you throw at me. But there are just some days… you know the ones I’m talking about… when the only music that will do is something with a dirty bass line and some heavy rap. (Don’t even ask me what exactly that means.) So when “Not Afraid” by Eminem comes on as I pull out of the parking lot, I shamelessly begin pumping my fist through my sunroof and dancing in my car like it was 2am and I was 4 drinks into the best night of my life. Still filled with the adrenaline of the day and needing to wind down as I headed home, I have begun laughing uncontrollably. That’s right. Out loud. In my car, all by myself.

And it hits me: Who needs to wait until 2am and 4 drinks in before they let their hair down and celebrate their day? Nah, 5pm and 2 sticks of celery, an orange, some raw oatmeal and two bottles of water sounds juuuuust about right for this girl. Because the day is meant to be celebrated. I want to enjoy it, allow it to be fully spent, and then dance my booty off in celebration of it. Give me Eminem and a drive through my city after a long and productive day at work, and I’ll give you someone who feels on top of the world!

*This is the “clean” version, but it is still Eminem… So, consider yourself parentally advised.

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