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Saturday. April 14th. 5pm.
Turning the stovetop down to low and bringing my boiling brown rice to a simmer, I reach over and slide open the kitchen window above my sink. There are no lights on in my house; Natural light has flooded every corner of my studio apartment, and it’s days like today when I’m glad that this window doesn’t have a screen behind it. Who wants a panel of black mesh and dead flies separating me from this gorgeous spring day? No, I prefer to stretch my arm through the opening and let the cool April breeze slide gently over my skin.

I inhale deeply and shut my eyes for just a moment, enjoying the smell of sunlight and fresh cut grass as it mixes itself in my home with the smell of cooking rice, corn on the cob, and a freshly cracked can of black beans. Opening my eyes, I grab my glass of wine and head outside – my bare feet are just begging for a moment on the lawn. After all, it’s not fair that my ears and my nose should get to have all of the springtime fun.

Indulging my toes in the pleasures of the dirt and grass, I sip my red wine and listen as my heart reminds me of all that’s good in the world. Of love and kindness. Of adventure and possibility. Of play and desire and contentment. Of joy. Of humanity and divinity and of our connection to one another.

And I smile.

Not because life is always perfect peaches and sunshine-y rainbows.
But because this moment – right here, right now – simply couldn’t get any better at all.

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