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Thursday. April 12th. 5:00pm.
We finally make the move and head inside. After 2 hours of beautiful sunshine and a steely resolve to stay on the patio and enjoy this weather dammit, we feel the pinpricks of rain and acknowledge the looming black clouds closing in on every side. You have to credit us though – We have lasted more than 2 hours longer than the rest of the patrons that once joined us on this patio. If someone from further south of the border were to grace the restaurant with their presence, they would certainly classify us as crazy. But we are Pacific Northwesterns, thank you very much, and 55 degrees and slightly overcast weather is what we call the promise of summer.

As we carry our plates of half-eaten food in one hand, our second pints of beer in the other, and make the break for indoors we spot a table near the windows and stake our claim. The beer goes down easy and the laughter continues. The chill of the wet rain has yet to hit our bones and the sweetness of the sun continues to bleed into my skin. Looking over my shoulder, I can see the blue sky in the distance. It may be slowly making it’s way away from our little city for now, but I smile, knowing that it will soon return. For it is spring and the world outside these panes of glass is slowing waking up, regardless of the protesting rainclouds.

I turn back to my friend, grateful beyond words for her, and the warmth that is now beginning to leave my skin moves inward and floods my heart. Life is meant to be lived – to be felt and experienced and sucked dry of all it has to offer – and I am suddenly and acutely aware of one thing:

We are living it.


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