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I am currently home with my family for the holidays; It’s been a glorious exchange of love, laughter, gifts, food, drink, and friendship. I am a blessed woman!

But this morning, with a little time to myself, my thoughts have turned toward the coming end and inevitable beginning that we will all be collectively facing this weekend: New Year’s. Isn’t it remarkable? Just think – our entire global community, collectively as one, experiencing the same dramatic transition together. Faced with the same call to reflection, and given the same gift of hope that is: a brand new day.

And so, I’ve left some of my thoughts on the pages of this blog. I would love to hear from you – what is going through your mind this time of year? What types of reflections are gracing the pages of your heart, and what signs of hope are snow-flaking on your skin?



We have entered the final stretch of 2011, can you believe it? And like it or not, a brand new season of time is upon us. Just think: we are headed into a year that has never before existed… a day that has never before dawned! You are privileged to experience something that no other generatoin has experienced: 2012. And we are doing it together. This event is not befalling an individual alone. It’s not occurring for a single nation. It’s not creeping up in the hearts of a single race or ethnicity. We are in this thing together. As one. Our collective global community: Humanity.

These next few days are going to do something powerful… They are going to send an entire year into the past. And in that mysterious working of time, the passing of these days are also going to give you the most precious gift available: the gift of another year.

My wish for you is that you would become so filled with destiny, so absolutely convinced of the power of Jesus in you to change your world, so confident in the Holy Spirit’s desire to co-labor with you, that HOPE would explode in your soul! That you would see the life around you from the perspective of Heaven and your unbroken fellowship with your good God, and you would enter into a prosperity of soul that would cause every area of your life to prosper!

It doesn’t matter what “season” you are in, where you’ve been, or where you’re currently at… You have been created for greatness! And the Holy Spirit in you is relentless in His desire to be seen and expressed through you, to reveal Emmanuel to the world around you! You have been marked by God and you have something of great value to give away!

Now, don’t hold back! Square your shoulders, plant your feet, make eye contact, and face 2012 with all the gusto, zest, and pizazz that you can muster! And above all, LAUGH! For there is no life where there is no laughter.